Why the name Mollie?

When I was trying to come up with names for my first baby, the boy name was easy – “Zachary”. The girl name on the other hand was a little more difficult. My husband and I looked through about 5 baby name books and he came up with 2 that he liked, “Ashleigh” & “Brooklyn”, and I liked both but was not in love with them. I loved the name “Mollie”, but he was not so sure.

My husband won the naming war the day our first little girl was born. She did not have the red hair that I pictured a “Mollie” having. So, we named our first little girl “Ashleigh”. The spelling is what truly made me agree – a little different but still able to be said properly.

When it was time for baby #2, it was my turn. I was not going to let my husband win this time. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I said, “If this baby is a girl, her name is Mollie!”

The name Mollie first appeared in my life when I heard a story from my Gramma many years ago about the baby girl #3 that she did not have. She was blessed with 2 girls and 3 boys but wanted that third girl so she could name her “Molly Murphy”. When her own children got married and had babies, she was often overheard asking the mothers if the baby was a girl could her name be Molly. No one obliged. She then asked my sister – still no Molly. My turn came next and she was so insistent that baby #1 was a girl and I was set on the name Molly. Much to her dismay, another baby girl and no Molly. I just had to make this sadness end for her. Molly, after all, is what she had dreamed about. Someone needed to give her that dream.

The name Mollie appeared in my life again when I was in college. My Auntie Patti had a little girl, Becky, and she loved the American Girl Dolls. Becky received the Samantha doll as a gift, but my Auntie Patti really wanted Becky to get the Molly doll. She just loved the way she looked in her glasses, button down shirt, navy blue sweater and plaid skirt. In 2001, I lost my Auntie Patti to a long-fought battle with breast cancer. After she passed away, my mom bought me that Molly doll. Every time I looked at the doll,I thought of my Auntie Patti (and still do). As I was pregnant, I thought about Auntie Patti too. The name Mollie spoke to me again.

When baby #2 was born, and it was a girl,  “Here is my Mollie!” (the spelling was all my husband) I shouted. When my Gramma met Mollie for the first time, she was truly happy to be calling a baby Molly. She just loved saying it and could not get enough. I know my Auntie Patti would have loved Mollie – her spunk, her hair, her dimples. And Mollie would have loved her too (Auntie Patti’s daughter Becky is a favorite at our house, she is so much like her mom).

Mollie – what a great choice!


11 thoughts on “Why the name Mollie?

  1. I love how you honor your family and its history with the name Mollie. She will have a great story to tell about her name and will feel uniquely connected to her family.

  2. Lisa says:

    I love names with stories! My daughter was called Molly for the first day and a half of her life before se settled on Claire. Molly simply didn’t suit her. I love the name though.

  3. I love how your story unfolded. The meaning behind our name is so important – your Mollie will love having this piece as she grows older and realizes she is the answer to her great grandmother’s dream!

  4. What a great story for Mollie’s name. Naming babies is so important and hard to do. My husband and I can not agree this time. I think we are going to end up with Baby Banach come June.

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