Oh, Mr. Sun…

Dear Mr. Sun,

It has been such a long time since we have seen each other! I know you have been around the last few days in Chicago, but today you were out in abundance. I really love having you around, but do you think you can do me a few favors?

1.) Don’t hit the roof of my house so hard with your rays. We have a leak in our garage and when you melt the snow on my roof the water seems to drip right in the spot where the leak is occurring. You can hit anywhere else on my house and yard,  just not the roof.

2.) Can you change the direction you rise and set? You always seem to be in my line of vision while driving to and from work. I would not mind you being in my rear view mirror instead of  my windshield – it makes it very difficult to see where I am going! You are also causing my daughter to miss parts of her movie and this is causing me to lose my sanity!

3.) Do you think you can start to melt the snow a little faster? I have 12 girls that are just itching to get outside and play softball on a real field with dirt and grass. (I am sure that there are 1,000s of other girls & coaches wishing the same thing).

4.) On the same note as number 3, melting the snow a little faster would also help cure the students in my school (and all the others) of the cabin fever they are experiencing. Warming the air and melting the snow would allow all of us to get outside and catch some of your rays.

Thanks for listening! Have a sunshiny day!



10 thoughts on “Oh, Mr. Sun…

  1. Becca came in saying it was warm enough to wear a sweatshirt outside. Oh Mr. Sun, I love your rays, but don’t make it so warm, my daughter catches pneumonia. Thanks for the smile!! I love this slice.

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