Morning Love Notes

A few months ago, Ashleigh, my 7 year old, wrote little love notes on post-its for everyone in our family. One to her little sister that said, “I love you Mollie. Love, Ashleigh!”, one for her daddy that said, “I love you Daddy. Love, Ashleigh!” and one for me that said, “I love you. Ashleigh”. I stumbled across the post-it a few weeks ago and hung it on my bathroom mirror so that everyday I can see the love note. This always brightens my morning!

This morning I stumbled upon another love note after I stepped out of my steamy shower. There on the mirror, in Ashleigh’s 7 year old script, was a large heart with the words I LOVE YOU MOM.

Thank you, Ashleigh, for making my morning so special. I Love You too!


11 thoughts on “Morning Love Notes

  1. Oh, this is so sweet! I think this slice of life helps all of us really pay attention to the little things. We can write to remember. You will never forget these sweet little moments and now you can read about them and share them in the future.

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