Lesson Learned

I’m a teacher. I know the rules. No toys from home are to come to school. If they do and are lost, it is not the school’s responsibility.

Last night, my daughter came home telling a story about how her teacher took her Legos from her and put them in the classroom Lego bin. The teacher was not going to give them back.

I am upset. How could the teacher take something from my daughter? How could she just claim them as her own? My perfect angel did nothing wrong! I need to e-mail her right now!

And so I did. To which I received a teacher reply, My daughter was not telling me the whole truth! Just the version she wanted me to hear (the teacher did not say that, but that is what I was reading).

I responded briefly to the e-mail with a Thank you! It won’t happen again. Can she get her Legos back tomorrow? Now to deal with my daughter.

I was shocked and disappointed. How could my daughter not tell me the whole truth? She said she was scared I would take away all of the Legos she had at home (come to find out, I would not be taking very many away because she brought WAY more to school than originally thought). She thought I would yell at her. She thought I would not love her anymore (this one hurt).

After a LONG discussion, she received not too harsh of a punishment (for not telling the whole truth) and a loving hug and kiss (lots of tears too)! I guess I need to learn to be a little nicer when she does something wrong.

Both of us learned a lesson last night.

Ashleigh – Tell the WHOLE truth first, don’t be sneaky and keep all toys at home!

ME – My daughter is just like any 7-year-old I see on a daily basis – she needs love, understanding & patience. She is not perfect. ALWAYS GET BOTH SIDES TO A STORY BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS! (I know this as a teacher, but as a parent, you sometimes forget)


13 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. What a wonderful slice. I feel like this speaks to so many of us balancing the mommy/teacher line. We have a hard time putting ourselves in the teacher’s shoes because our children are our everything. I love when you say,

    “To which I received a teacher reply, My daughter was not telling me the whole truth! Just the version she wanted me to hear (the teacher did not say that, but that is what I was reading)” because it’s awesome inner voice writing and it’s SO true!

  2. Great slice, Kelly. “I’m a teacher, I know the rules.” I often wonder how I will react to things once Ava starts school. Especially with being a teacher.

  3. I love how you walked through the whole event and your thinking throughout. How lucky Ashleigh is to have a mom who listened to her thinking and reflected on your self as well.

  4. amandavillagomez says:

    I loved the final lines. Right now I am reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and thinking about implications as a parent. You reflections about your interactions align in many ways. Your post also makes me think of Peter Johnston’s ideas.

  5. Oh boy! A lesson learned alright. It stinks when you feel that disappointment run through your blood. I like your reflection about how you BOTH learned from the experience. 🙂

  6. Oh I totally fear I will lose all rational thought when Maddie goes to big kid school. This is a great slice that I can think of when I hit those moments. 🙂

  7. Motherhood is never easy. After this year in your current position, you will learn to ask the right questions. My girls just give me the answer because they know I am going to keep probing until I get the answer that makes sense. Lesson Learned!!!

  8. I love the inner dialogue. And I can completely relate. As teachers, you’d think we would have this kind of thing down, right? Not so! Great lessons… great post!

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