Take in the Beauty

Snow? Again? In March? REALLY?

I actually don’t mind snow. I love the sparkling white stuff in December, January and February. I love winter sports and building snowmen. I just don’t like driving in the stuff.

Driving in the snow is one of my biggest complaints about living in the midwest. And having a kid in the back seat makes things more nerve wracking. As I drove to work this morning, I had lots of thoughts running through my head. Take it slow. Are my lights on? Do I need my windshield wipers? Take it slow. Start stopping now. Look both ways. Turn on Mollie’s movie. Speed up. Not too fast. The tires are spinning. Brakes are not working. Slow down. Why is that guy on my tail? Check on Mollie. Did she eat her breakfast? Why is that light out? Why are all those lights out? Take it slow. Start to stop. Look both ways. Be careful. Call Greg when I get to work. Watch out for that guy changing lanes. Should I go straight or turn left? Slow down. I hope I can stop at this next light. 

In the midst of all the thoughts, chaos, and extra 30 minutes of driving of this morning’s drive, it was my 4 year old that reminded me to stop and take a look at the beauty of mother nature.

“Mommy, look. The snow is so beautiful on the trees!”

As soon as we stopped at the next light, I stopped thinking and just looked. I am so glad that she told me to stop and look. The trees were beautiful, but Just not in March, baby! I thought.


5 thoughts on “Take in the Beauty

  1. bbutler627 says:

    The trees were beautiful but I didn’t dare say that out loud today. I can so hear you both your words and your thinking here. “I just don’t like driving in the stuff”. Hahaha. Awesome. Me neither. Then your inner dialogue is so perfect. 🙂

  2. “The trees were beautiful, but Just not in March, baby!” I love this and totally agree. I love this piece and could hear our conversation this morning. So glad you put it down in words!!

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