Great Morning

This morning I woke up a little cranky. It was one of those mornings where the coffee was not kicking in, the shower was not warm enough and the kids (husband included) just would not cooperate. My day was doomed from the start.

As soon as I got to work, it was rush, rush, rush! I felt my adrenaline beginning to boil and I was having one of those anxiety driven moments where I felt like everything was going so quickly, but time was moving so slow. I had to get outside soon and get the students in, check in 100’s of ISAT tests, meet with students and make the morning announcements. This was all supposed to be done by 9:00??? This morning was getting worse by the second.

Thankfully, my wonderful counterpart stepped in and made things a little easier and A LOT better! My counterpart had decided that this morning she was going to create a “HAPPY” moment for all – teachers, students and staff. During the morning announcements, she decided to transfer her HAPPY mood to all by playing the song “HAPPY” over the intercom. She told the students and staff to stand up and let the happiness out. Students and staff were in their classrooms dancing and singing. Students were dancing in the hallway and she came out of the office dancing to join them. How many kids can say that they danced with their principal in the middle of the hallway during school hours?

Today, my counterpart made a lot of children (and adults) HAPPY just by being her! She definitely lifted my spirits and made my morning HAPPY!


8 thoughts on “Great Morning

  1. What a great moment. I pretty much walk around singing that song all day long. I’d fit right in! I love that she did this and I love how you described the frenzy of your morning.

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