Missing One

Sunday has become known as “Laundry Day” in our household. Everyone has a job – Mommy washes, dries and folds, Ashleigh sorts and puts away, Mollie helps Mommy load and unload, and Daddy does his own. I loathe the laundry process.

Sort. Load washing machine. Wait. Unload washer & load dryer. Load washer again. Wait. Unload dryer & fold. Unload washer & load dryer. Load washer. Put clothes away. And continue the process another 10 times.

Laundry consumes my Sunday and I hate it. But there is one thing I hate more. The one, the only…THE MISSING SOCK!


16 thoughts on “Missing One

  1. I hate that sock also. Why is there one every week that is missing and never shows up? Audrey made me feel a bit better last week about that sock- she decided to make it into a puppet! Hope your Sunday if filled with paired socks!

  2. And Daddy does his own…same in our house. I am in love with our big new washer πŸ˜‰ You very effectively conveyed that monotony that is laundry. I have a whole drawer full of socks missing a partner…maybe we could start a sockmatch.com site. lol

  3. Since I’m the one who wears the most socks in my household – since my son has amputated legs and my husband doesn’t change his often enough, I have given in to dryer sheets. They are the only way my socks don’t become stuck and lost inside someone’s sleeve, sweatshirt hood or underwear.

  4. I have three lost soles looking for their mates. I am hoping that perhaps they will show up clinging to someone’s shirt or drawers. Need some dryer sheets.

  5. Kelly, I loathe doing the laundry. When we were house shopping, my only non-negotiable was a first floor laundry.
    BTW – I hope Carrie Cahill reads your Slice today. She LOVES during laundry. Weirdo.

  6. Laundry has become MUCH better being on the same floor, using a wheeled laundry basket, to the other end of my (small) house. But somehow, socks continue to play hide and seek.

  7. Kudos to you for maintaining the weekly routine. 10 loads each Sunday? That’s some impressive laundry stamina. Mine is more of a scattered, necessity-based approach. I like how the structure of your piece mirrors the monotonous nature of the routine. Sort. Load.. Wait. Unload.. Wait. Ugh. Just writing about laundry makes me cringe a little too. πŸ™‚

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