I look forward to going to the mailbox on days like today because I know that there will be something other than a boring bill or junk mail. Every holiday, no matter how insignificant, I can count on going to the mailbox and seeing an envelope addressed to me (and now to my daughters too).  These envelopes have come, without fail, ever since I was a little girl. Each time there is a little card, holiday specific, with Scratch & Win Lotto Tickets inside. The cards mean so much more than the lottery tickets inside (which my girls love to scratch off to see if they win $1 or a free ticket). These are little love notes from my Auntie Jo. Every year, every holiday, she remembers her god-daughter (and many other nieces, nephews & great nieces). These cards are her way of saying that she is thinking about us/misses us/loves us.

We love you too, Auntie Jo! If we win the million, you will get half for sure!


8 thoughts on “Cards

  1. I love mail for that reason alone- the joy in knowing someone is thinking of you. How sweet of her. And a great memory. Keep snail mail alive!!!

  2. I can’t help but notice Kim’s campaign to keep snail mail alive! lol lol lol. I love getting mail, too – especially cards for “no reason” or for the little holidays. Ask your Aunt Jo to send me one, too, please!

  3. It’s those little things that make such a big difference. I had an Aunt Eunice that would send a card for every holiday with a $2 bill. I keep thinking I will do this for my niece and then another holiday passes without my notice- maybe one day!

  4. I have an aunt that still sends cards, little notes here and there. So many people have stopped that wonderful tradition (including me, to some extent).

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