Change It

As I begin my Sunday, I encounter this:

Login and Password do not match.

Trying to login to my online banking account, I cannot seem to remember my password. I try many different combinations of passwords from names, birth dates, anniversaries, nicknames, initials, capital letters, numbers. The list was endless. Well, not really because after 3 incorrect logins I was locked out.

I try to keep my passwords very similar, and I write all of them down in a little notebook just on case I forget one, or two. Today, the password I wrote down did not match. Now I am locked out until the customer service line is open. Until I can change my password again to something I can hopefully remember.

I understand that it is recommended to change your password every 90 days or so, but who has the time, or memory, for that. Hopefully when I am able to change my password today, I will be able to remember it this time. Now I just have to try and figure out what my new password will be.


9 thoughts on “Change It

  1. Oh the joys. When I have to reset my password because I have forgotten it, I usually get the notification that, “You cannot use a previously used password as your new password” – BINGO! Found that old trusty password afterall. Darnit. Good luck!

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