Time Out

So much to do,
So much to get done,
No time for play,
No time for fun.

Dishes need scrubbing,
Floors need to be swept,
Toilets need cleaning,
Dinners need to be prepped.

Spring break is for cleaning,
No time to run about.
According to my kids,
Mommy needs a time out!

A time out for games,
A time out to play,
A time out for fun,
After all it’s not a work day.

So today I decided
To give my girls a surprise.
I decided to put away
All my cleaning supplies.

Today mommy will play,
Today mommy will dance,
Today mommy will give fun
A real fighting chance.


10 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. Kelly!! I didn’t know you wrote rhyming poems! Well, I never. This is so good!!! I love the rhymes, and I LOVE the idea of a mommy’s time-out! This just made my day!

  2. Kelly- This is such a creative slice! I’m glad you had the chance to play with the girls- its hard when there are so many things you want to get done. Audrey is not on spring break this week so I am cleaning during the day and playing with her when she gets home- I feel like the best of both. My favorite line was “Mommy needs a time out!” So funny.

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