While out to lunch today, I overheard a young man (early 20s) having a conversation with a woman (early 40s). They were discussing trigonometry class, notes and lessons, so my interests were peaked. Then I overheard the young man state, I wish I would have known when I was 17 that being a teacher was so much work. Planning. teaching, grading, assessing. It’s just a lot of work. The conversation went on for a while, but I stopped listening after he said those words.

I wanted to get up and slap him in the face. What did he think his life would be like when he was a teacher? Who did he think planned the lessons everyday? Who did he think graded his papers when he was in school? Who stood up in front of his classes and taught him trigonometry? Who graded his tests and put grades on his report cards? What did this guy think his job would entail when he became a teacher? Did he think it was going to be easy?

I wish I had never eavesdropped on that conversation. People need to stop thinking, and saying, teachers have it so easy. Teachers are amazing people that work for hours on end to plan the perfect lessons. Teachers teach and reteach until their students understand. Teachers spend hours, of their own time, grading papers. Teachers assess and reassess their students learning everyday. Teaching is not just a 7 hour day with summer’s off.  Teaching IS hard work and it is NOT for the weary.

From now on, I am going to tell anyone that says they want to become a teacher the pros and cons of being a teacher. Hopefully they choose the profession for the right reasons and know that the job will be difficult (but also rewarding).


6 thoughts on “Eavesdropping

  1. “Teaching IS hard work and it is NOT for the weary.” well said! It is interesting how eavesdropping on strangers conversations can stay with us and make us think so much!

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