Dining Out

I love going out to eat. It really does not matter what type of restaurant it is, as long as I did not have to cook the meal. We often eat out during the week because I do not want to cook after working all day. My husband is more than willing to go get the food on his way home. Plus if I left it up to him to make a meal we would be dining on bread or bagels for the rest of our lives(he does NOT cook).

I also love going out to eat with my parents. They enjoy being with the kids and I enjoy having adult talk with others besides my husband (I can only talk about sports so much and his work is kinda boring). My parents also ALWAYS pay. This is NOT the reason I invite them out to eat with us, it is just a bonus.

I remember the first time they took my husband(boyfriend at the time) and I out to dinner (we went to Outback) and when we tried to pay my dad swiped the bill and told us we would never pay for a meal when they were with us. He told us about how his father and mother would do the same thing when they all go out to eat. He said, “We have money, you don’t. One day when you have more money than me, you can pay. Until then, the bill is mine and no arguments.” It has gone on like this for 14 years and will continue until I make more than he does (or I win the lottery). Sure, there have been times when I have paid the bill before he could get it, like on his birthday, but those times are few and far between.

One day, I hope to be able to do the same for my kids and their families. However, with the cost of eating out now, I hope to win the lottery!


4 thoughts on “Dining Out

  1. So cute. My parents also still pay the bill till this day for my brother and I and our spouses. They just say to remember them when they’re old or when we become rich. I also love that you guys would eat bread and bagels everyday. So funny.

  2. Awww! I can so relate to this post! My parents always pay for me and my boyfriends or friends. My dad gave me the same reason. This tradition started when I went to college and we went to Chevy’s or somewhere else. It’s nice to be able to go out and eat with good people and the bill being taken care of is just icing on the cake! Enjoyed this slice! Thank you.

  3. I read this as I was sitting at a table waiting for friends but I wasn’t able to comment. It wasn’t too expensive but man don’t I love when the parents pick up the tab too!

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