Pure Michigan

Every time I see or hear a commercial about Michigan I get all giddy inside. I saw a commercial this morning and I exclaimed, “I am ready!”

…I am ready for warmer weather and sunshine.
…I am ready for cousins’ weekend or any weekend.
…I am ready for a few cocktails on the beach.
…I am ready for building a few sand castles on the beach with my girls.
…I am ready for fishing with nets and catching minnows with Mollie.
…I am ready for a LONG pontoon ride around the lake.
…I am ready for a ride on the jet ski with Ashleigh as she screams “Best day ever!”
…I am ready for walks to Driftwood and eating Superman ice cream.
…I am ready for late night conversations of Michigan times long ago.
…I am ready for lazy mornings anxiously waiting for the kids to ask to go to beach.
…I am ready for some Pure Michigan!!!


6 thoughts on “Pure Michigan

  1. Pure Michigan…we spent one summer there for a reunion week and it was AWESOME! So much fun and we would do it again in a heartbeat. Your post made me want to plan another trip…

  2. Don’t you feel like we have spent soooo much time wishing and dreaming for better weather? Kind of a goofy spring break when it rains and snows and barely gets out of the 30’s. Yuk. I can’t wait for you and your girls to enjoy Michigan!!

  3. You reminded me of my trips long ago to Michigan when I was younger. Isn’t
    it funny that it’s really not that far away, but it’s still the best vacation fun ever when it’s connected to memories?

  4. Reading this makes me want to go to Michigan too. Our places must be close to each other because I can visualize the things you say here. Bobby would be walking hand and hand with you getting that Superman ice cream at Driftwood.

  5. As a young child, we traveled to Michigan to visit one of my favorite aunts and uncles. I just want to know when should I pack? I want to go to Michigan with you. I have some good stories to share.

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