The End…for now

Thank you to everyone that made this writing challenge so successful for me. I know I would not have been able to continue writing for the past 29 days without the help and support of all of you. Your comments about my stories, letters and gripes helped me continue to write each and every day. I looked forward to the comments and I loved to read, and comment, on all the writing pieces I could. I believe I have gained a better understanding of my colleagues and the writing process. Thank you for welcoming me into your writing world and I cannot wait to begin this again. Who knows, maybe I will even sneak in a few pieces over the next few months.

P.S. Being the math brained person that I am, the next Slice of Life Writing Challenge begins in only 334 days. I am sure I can come up with a few stories between now and then.


10 thoughts on “The End…for now

  1. Kelly, you did it! I’m so excited for everyone that participated in this Challenge, but you are one of the people I was most excited about for a lot of reasons. One, just because you’re my friend and I love you. Two, because you’re totally a math-brain and not a writer-brain (or so I mistakenly thought). And three, because you’re not teaching in a classroom anymore. But you did it anyway, and you were so, so good at it. I’m super proud of you, and I do hope you’ll keep Slicing on Tuesdays.

    Love your P.S.! Ha!

  2. So cool that you already know the number of days til we do this again!! You may be math brained, but you definitely have a creative writer’s side to you!! Keep sharing and I’ll keep reading!!

  3. Your math brain is a writing brain too my dear- I’m so glad you joined the slicing challenge—and you can do it every Tuesday now- I know you’ve got more stories to tell and if they are like the ones you’ve told so far, I’m very much looking forward to them. 🙂

  4. 334? Okay I definitely wrote 365 on my slice today because I am not a math person. I shoulda asked you first… Kelly, I’m so glad you sliced! I really enjoyed reading your pieces every day. I hope you do find time to keep at it. 🙂

  5. I’m delighted you joined the SOLSC this year. I hope you’ll join us on Tuesdays year-round.

    (I am not that mathematically inclined, but I love stats. Thanks for counting down to next year’s challenge for us.)

  6. I am so happy that you decided to do this! I have loved getting to know you better through your Slices this month! I know it is 334 days away, but I hope you decide to throw in a couple Tuesday Slices between now and then!

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