I have been blessed with two princess in my life! My two daughters (Ashleigh & Mollie) have brought much joy to mine & my husband’s lives. They share my love for everything Disney and have a love for everything girlie.

Dresses with glitter and tutus.

Princess dress-up clothing with tiaras and heeled shoes.

Disney princess dolls, statues, clothing and shoes that take over the bedroom, living room and loft.

Pink and purple dolls, games, clothing, toys, etc. must be purchased for birthdays and holidays

Lego Friends that have taken over my coffee table and living room floor.

However, along with the love of all things girlie, a new phrase has started to appear in my home that is taken over by a 3 to 1 ratio of girls to boys. Much to my husband’s delight, these girlie girls are a little more boyish than I originally believed.

“Mommy, Ashleigh race-carred!” said Mollie. 

My husband laughs hysterically every time the girls race-car. I think he believes he has finally gotten his girls to act a little more like boys and he now has an even playing field when it comes to being surrounded by girls. Race-carring has become a new word in our house and the cause of many smiles and giggles as these little girls become more like their dad.

What is this race-carring? Well, in the world of these girls, you have to disguise your bodily functions! A new word must be created when you make a noise you don’t want others to hear. Race-carring is when a little toot makes it’s way out of your bottom when you least expect it. Farting is not girlie, but it can be when you make it sound like you are playing with cars and Barbies at the same time!


15 thoughts on “Race-car

  1. What a fun, sweet piece!
    I love the element of competition between girliness and “guyness” in the home- it reminds me of when my son (who has 2 sisters) complained that even our dog and cat were girls.
    This is the sort of memory you think you would never forget. But trust me, you will. Some year in the future, you and your husband will come across it and be so happy you captured it in writing.
    By the way, good title- it drew me in to choose your piece to read 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’m supposed to sitting here in silence, sneaking in a few moments of writing before the girls wake up, and I’m laughing out loud in my kitchen. LOVE this Slice. I can see the grin on Greg’s face from here. Ha ha ha ha. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Oh my goodness- I can’t stop laughing at this. I can just see Mollie’s little face grinning through this every time she says it. I like how you set it up with all things girlie and then let loose (sorry!) the origin of this particular race-car.

  4. Katie Diez says:

    I love how you start with how girly they are and then go into “race-caring”…it is the perfect way to describe them! Love this Slice!

  5. ha ha ha…that is sooo funny…I’m still laughing! I was really trying to figure out what race-carring was and how I missed that…I’m still giggling!

  6. You had me at Race Car. In a home where this girl is out numbered 3 to 1, I was immediately pulled in with the boyish title. The surprise ending got me laughing! Well done!

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