Colors can be deceiving to the eyes

Lately there has been a lot of hype of the dress that appears white & gold to some and blue & black to others. While looking at the picture and hearing others reactions, I am reminded of a story 20+ years ago with my dad.

My dad was so excited that day when he came home. He had purchased a new coat at work (DePaul University) and he had gotten the coat on sale, for a steal according to him. Every now and again, he would walk around the DePaul Bookstore and look at the clothing while on break or lunch. That day, he was looking at the clearance rack because there were a few fall/winter coats for a really good price. He could not believe his eyes nor could he understand why the coat was so inexpensive, but when he went to the counter to make sure the price was right, he was told that most assuredly it was. The lady at the counter sold him the jacket and my dad walked away feeling pretty proud of himself.

When he arrived home, he proudly hung the coat on the closet door for everyone to see. When I walked in, I noticed that there was a new coat hanging and I wondered who it was for. I asked my parents who the coat belonged to and my dad said, “It’s mine! I got it for a really good price.” I am pretty sure I made a funny face and laughed while walking away. It wasn’t until my sister returned home that my face made sense to my dad.

When my sister returned, she asked, “Who got a coat in my favorite color?”

My dad responded, “I got a new coat, but since when is blue your favorite color?”

Nothing but laughter filled the room. My sister, through tears and giggles, said, “Dad, my favorite color isn’t blue, it’s purple. That coat is purple!”

See, my dad is color blind and has a difficulty telling the difference between shades of red and blue. My poor dad thought he was getting an amazing deal on a DePaul royal blue jacket when he actually purchased a Vibrant. Purple. DePaul jacket. After years of telling and retelling this story, there are still laughs, giggles and tears. I can only imagine what the lady at the bookstore thought as my dad walked out of the store with a smile and a purple coat.

“Who sells a purple jacket when the team’s colors are red, white and blue?” – Marty Murphy (my dad)


7 thoughts on “Colors can be deceiving to the eyes

  1. The man has a point! Haha
    Slicing about a favorite memory is a neat experience. Trying to capture all the feelings of laughter and love. I could see your smirk and hear the giggles. Great!

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