Right Before You Were Born

On the radio this morning, the radio personalities posed an interesting questions, “What were you doing right before you went into labor or while you were in labor?”

The day before you were born/when mommy was in labor:

Baby #1 –  I went to work that morning hoping that you could hold out 2 more days. I wanted to stay at work the remainder of the week with my students. I also wanted to meet the teacher that would be taking over my classroom while I was on maternity leave. Junior High Math Teacher must not draw the attention of many candidates reading position posts.

Baby #2 – I was ready for you to arrive about 2 weeks before. I just wanted to have you in my arms and cuddle with you. I was on summer vacation, no need to worry about work.

Baby #1 – I started and finished planning your Auntie TaTa’s bachelorette party with your Auntie Colleen. Mommy was going to need a night out in a few weeks! Hopefully daddy would be okay staying home with you while mommy was out having a few “sodas”.

Baby #2 – The was making plans to go to Michigan with our extended families – Murphys, Nugents, Sullivans & Mentzers. This trip had become a family reunion over the last few years and this year you would be a part of it.

Baby #1 – I waited FOREVER for your daddy to get home from playing poker at his friend’s house. When he came home, I yelled at him for staying out until 2:00 in the morning. At the end of my rant I said, “You are going to die.” I didn’t mean it literally because actually my water broke and I didn’t think your daddy would believe me. You must not have wanted us to sleep that night either!

Baby #2 – I slept good that night before you were born. However, I woke up with a jolt and started experiencing the most excrutiating pain ever. I guess you were already wide awake and ready to meet the world.

Baby #1 – We went straight to the hospital. The nurses were so excited that you were going to be born on Cinco de Mayo and they wanted us to name you Maria! We considered the name for about 2 seconds only because we were still unsure if you were a boy or a girl and we never really decided on names for a girl, only a boy (Zachary). Daddy already knew he wanted you to be Ashleigh – he won in the end!

Baby #2 – We needed to drop your older sister off at Grandma’s house before heading to the hospital. Mommy wasn’t feeling well and ended up throwing up a few times (sorry, that is kinda gross – but true). After we dropped of the big sister, we were on our way. No special holiday for you, so no extra special name choices. It wouldn’t have mattered what anyone said, you were to be our Mollie!

Baby #1 – We called Papa, Grandma, TaTa and Grammie to tell them mommy was at the hospital, we apologized for waking them up so early. I did have to tell daddy to wait to call my boss because he wanted to call her at 4:00 AM and tell her I would not be at work that day. I don’t think I would still have a job if he did that.

Baby #2 – We called Papa, Grandma, TaTa and Grammie again. This time it was not so early and they were thankful for that! Especially Papa & Grandma because they were going to be watching Ashleigh while we stayed with you at the hospital.

Baby #1 – Mommy was not it too much pain. I did have the epidural though. This made me not feel any pain though. Once I saw your tiny little face, I was in love and pain did not matter!

Baby #2 – Mommy was in a lot of pain. That epidural could not get to me fast enough. Once the doctor came and administered the medicine, it took a while to feel any better. However, the moment you were born the thoughts of pain left and all was right with the world!

Babies #1 & 2 – I love you! I love you more!! I love you most!!!


8 thoughts on “Right Before You Were Born

  1. Lisa says:

    The person how takes care of my children while I am at school is having a baby this summer. This has my 4 year old asking lots of questions about when she was born. It’s fun to share with her!

  2. This is cool, Kelly. Love how you flip-flopped between the two stories. I don’t think I ever knew Greg was out so late the night before Ashleigh arrived! That’ll teach him!

  3. Baby #1 – Home on bed rest – ready to go after a doctor’s appointment that morning. Waited a bit too long. Horrible drive to the hospital. 40 minutes later – bliss!

    Baby #2 – My whole birthday in the hospital for him to be born in his own good time, in his own day.

    Baby #3 – Brought home after a 20 hour flight from Ethiopia on Christmas Day.

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

  4. Kelly – you have inspired me to write a slice like this. I want to give it to my girls when they are older so they can appreciate all that I have done for them. Great!!!!

  5. I like how you alternated between stories. I have a tradition that every year on the night before each one’s birthday i tell the story of the day they were born. Although this year , at 15 and 17, they insisted if I had to tell them it had to be the Cliff Notes. 😀

  6. Oh my goodness….I love this slice!! It brought back memories of my own kids being born. You may have started a whole bunch of people sharing their story along the way. Thanks for sharing!

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