Sunday Quiet Time

This morning I woke to the sounds of little feet running on the floor above and sounds of “SHHH, mommy is still sleeping!” I looked at the clock to see 7:00 and I thought, What are these girls doing up now? With the time change, it is really 6:00. They don’t even get up that early for school!!! I wish they would go back to bed! But they didn’t.

Instead, they came downstairs and tried to quietly play Lego Friends. By tried to play quietly, I mean arguing about whose turn it is to play with the Lego pool, shushing each other because mommy is trying to sleep, pushing each other out of the way so that the other can get to the Lego school, and so on. This is not my idea of quiet.

Finally, I asked the girls to go upstairs and watch TV so I could get about 15 more minutes of sleep. The moans and the groans accompany the stomps up the stairs until I hear the Disney Junior song. I hear them upstairs giggling at an episode and then I hear them both recite a line from the show (they must have seen this episode more than once).

“Jinx!” I hear them both say at the exact same moment.

“Double jinx!” again at the same time.

“Triple jinx!”


The girls have not spoken in about an hour. Thank you to the man/woman that invented this abnoxious game. Now I can sip my coffee in peace!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Quiet Time

  1. It never fails that daylight savings will ruin all sleep routines in our home. No one, not even the son who never fails to get up at 5:57 a.m. will want to awake for school tomorrow morning. Glad you got your hour!

  2. This is beyond adorable. I can hear them so clearly from your slice. The best is the loud quieting they try to do with each other, having no idea that it makes them even louder. lol

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