The Routine

Every morning there is a routine with my girls. We must have this routine in order for me to get out of the house on time and to work with extra time to spare. This routine often gets many moans and groans from all but in the end, it is all worth it for me. 

5:45 – Turn on the light in girls’ room. Make some sort of statement about waking up and get moving. Girls moan and barely move. I go dry my hair and get dressed. 

6:15 – I am done with everything and into the girls room I go, ready to do battle with two tired little girls. The girls begin to wipe their sleepy eyes and move around. Eventually they get moving and begin the drawn out process of picking out just the right outfit for the day. 

6:25 – The girls begin to make their way down the stairs to the bathroom to brush their teeth and have their hair done by me (dad is no help when it comes to girl hair!)

6:40ish – I begin to get my coat on and so does Mollie. Ashleigh gets to stay home with daddy while daddy gets ready for work and takes her to OASIS. 

6:45ish – Mollie and Ashleigh give each other kisses and hugs good bye. They cannot leave each other without this. I love watching their sisterly bond in the mornings before school. They truly do love each other! I must kiss Ashleigh good bye on the forehead and say I Love You! I Love You More! I Love You MOST!!!

6:45ish still – Mollie and I walk out the door to the car where daddy puts Mollie in her seat and buckles her in. Daddy kisses her good bye and we are off. BUT before we go we must wave good bye to Ashleigh in the window. We must also blow kisses to her. Her day will not go right if this does not happen! I love saying good bye to her this way! She just melts my heart with her sweet kisses and grabbing my blown kiss and placing it on her heart!

7:15 ish – I arrive at Mollie’s school to drop her off. Everyday she jumps out of the car into my arms and demands that I carry her backpack and every day I do it. Mollie and I race to the door (she always wins – no melt downs this way) to push the door bell so someone will let us in. We both enter her classroom, hang up her coat and backpack and go wash hands and face. Then we begin our good byes. Everytime it is the same thing – 5 kisses (because I am 5, mom!), 5 seconds for a hug (because I am 5, mom!) and a few knuckle punch hand shakes that would make anyone jealous! Then I say good bye and walk to the door as Mollie follows me. “Mommy,” I hear so softly behind me, “Can I have one more kiss?” One more kiss and hug it is and a “Have a good day at school. Be good for Ms. Dado!” Mollie giggles and runs off to play.

As I walk away from the door, I feel like the luckiest mommy in the world because I got the two greatest send offs and starts to my day! I love my daily routine with my girls!


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