Through a Child’s Eyes

The last few weeks have been extremely hectic and crazy at work. Things just seemed to not be going my way. I was really feeling down on myself and was VERY crabby with students, co-workers, and parents. Then a note came my way and completely changed my perspective.

Dear Mrs. Andruch,

You are so sweet.

You are so nice.

You are so cute.

You are so jeneres (generous).

You are so cind (kind).

You are so respectfull.

You are so responibil (responsible).

You are so friendly.

Love, Aniya

This little 2nd grade girl made me feel like a million dollars. I must be doing something right. Or maybe she just wants to butter me up so that I will have lunch with her one day. Either way, she will get her wish one day next week and she will also get a huge THANK YOU, ANIYA for changing my perspective.


6 thoughts on “Through a Child’s Eyes

  1. I love it when students help us through some of the difficult days we have. I always said when something goes wrong there is something positive coming our way.

  2. I love that you included her actual spellings on everything. How precious these tokens of love and appreciation are from children! It makes all the stressful moments worth it!

  3. Kids definitely have that gift for changing things around for us…it’s Aniya’s way of reminding you, you do make a difference in all these children’s lives!

  4. It’s so important to be reminded that we ARE making a difference in the most important of places – with our students! I think she may have noticed that you were down.. Kids have a sixth sense like that. Sweethearts.

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