The Seeker

My husband is known around the house as “The Seeker”. It is actually a nickname he gave himself after being the one to find missing items around the house.

Can’t find the remote control? Call “The Seeker” and he will find it even after you have looked on every table and under every couch cushion.

Missing a stuffed animal? Yell for “The Seeker” and he will locate the animal in seconds, even after you have looked in your bed 10 times because you know you had it while you were sleeping last night.

Are your keys misplaced again? Tell “The Seeker” and he will see the keys on a counter that they did not belong on underneath a few papers that no one placed on top of your keys.

Is your cell phone missing? Shout out “Oh, Seeker” and he will quickly check every place he can possibly think of and then he will call your phone only for him to find it in the last place you looked.

I am so thankful for “The Seeker”, who is willing to look for any item that ends up misplaced. Without him I would never get out of the house to go anywhere!


9 thoughts on “The Seeker

  1. Peg D says:

    That is my husband as well. He refers to it as Markstar Services. Directions, fixing and finding he does it all. He even cooks. 🙂

  2. Katie Diez says:

    I need a “seeker” all the time!!!! Can I borrow yours when I can’t find the car keys for the 50th time?!?! Great slice!

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