Park Time

As soon as Mollie got into the car this afternoon, she began talking about going to the park. She was relentless. The entire ride home. As soon as we picked up Ashleigh from school. Pulling into the driveway. Walking up the stairs. During homework time (I think she even tried to say that her story was about a park). While I was cooking dinner and as soon as a mouthful of food was eaten. She would not let up.

Finally, I decided that we could go to the park because I was tired of hearing her begging and she needed to go out more than just in the back of the house. There was a catch, however. She would have to walk there and walk home (mommy would be able to get in a few extra steps on her Fitbit and unwind her brain from a long day at work). You see, it is about 1/2 a mile to the park, maybe a little more. I thought that she would say no because her legs would get tired, but she agreed. And she loved every second of the walk to and from.

She found all of the dogs that were out on walks with their owners and begged for a dog of her own.

She noticed all of the dead leaves on the ground from the fall and that the trees were now growing new leaves.

She heard the birds singing in the trees and wondered what they were saying and why she could not understand them like Cinderella.

She looked at every house that we passed, noticed the color and asked who lives there. Do we know them?

She played at the park on every apparatus she could and even conquered her fear of climbing high.

She learned how to pump her legs on the swings so that she could fly higher than her sister and no longer needed a push.

She ran ahead of me at the end of our walk so that she could beat me home, laughing all the way that mommy was the “LOSER”!

She hugged me and said “Thank you, mommy! This was the best day ever! Can we go again tomorrow?” 

I am glad that she did not let up with begging me to take her to the park. I had a good time just watching her having such a great time. Maybe we will do this again, just not tomorrow because it will only be 40 degrees instead of 75!


6 thoughts on “Park Time

  1. So cute, and I too am glad you listened to her. As I read the line of Mollie laughing and running ahead of you to beat you, and she called you a “loser”, all that went through my head was no Mollie, Mommy’s a WINNER, getting to share that whole experience with you!

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