There’s an App for That?

Yesterday, I went to my niece’s first badminton match of the season. She was ecstatic because she was playing up on varsity as a sophomore! We were so proud of her because she had worked hard last year and during the off-season open gyms. I think she was a bit nervous too, as she was playing against juniors and seniors.

During the first match, she played doubles. My niece and her partner were struggling a bit, but it was the cheering section for my niece (7 of us) that were really struggling. We were having a difficult time keeping score in our heads and kept trying to hear the score all the way across the gym.

“I bet they have an app for keeping score!” I shouted.

And you know what? THEY DID! I found an app that allowed us to keep score just like a flip score pad. This app gave us the opportunity to follow along in the match and not keep asking each other about the score.

Now, if we could only find an app that would allow us to see the in/out of bounds lines!


5 thoughts on “There’s an App for That?

  1. Ohhhhh, I bet your niece was so happy that all 7 of you were there!!! Hey, as I wrote this I thought of your favorite place on earth and how the number 7 fits so well. Was your cheering section made up of the 7 dwarfs? Lol.

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