PaPa = Cinderella

My girls love their PaPa (my dad). Ever since they were little, PaPa was a big deal. They loved being held by him when they were babies. They want to visit him on days off even though he is at work. “When will PaPa be home?” is asked about 100 times when we visit Grandma. PaPa is the dessert king and they are able to have anything they wanted when they are at his house. PaPa walks the girls to the car to say good-bye and puts them in their seats. They even created a special good-bye kiss that ends with, “Kissed you out!” (not really sure how that started). Most importantly, however, PaPa is the guy who helps pay for our trips to Disney!

Just before a recent trip to Disney, PaPa’s shoe issue revealed itself to my girls. You see, PaPa always wears gym shoes when he is not at work. These gym shoes are not just any gym shoes. They are the SAME gym shoes. Every. Time. He found a pair of New Balance shoes that he likes and continues to buy the same exact pair when he is in need of new ones. He also keeps the old pairs. He says that he needs the old pairs for other things around the house and he does not want to ruin his new pair. Before his trip to Disney, he revealed to the girls that he got another pair of gym shoes. The girls replied, “You are just like Cinderella! She has special shoes just like you!”

The nickname has stuck ever since. No longer do the girls wish to see PaPa. They ask for Cinderella – especially when he gets a new pair of shoes!

All of PaPa’s Cinderella’s pairs of shoes just before his last Disney Trip in January!



5 thoughts on “PaPa = Cinderella

  1. This is too sweet. I esp love the, “kissed you out!” The relationship bt your dad and girls is too precious for words. 🙂 So glad you captured these moments.

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