Split the Cost

Shopping at Target is never an in-and-out experience. I often save stops at Target for the weekends when I have a little time to spare because I have a list and NEVER stick to what is on it. 

Today’s stop at Target was due to another store not having what I wanted. I was in search of a few things that the girls will need while we are on Spring Break in the Dominican Republic and Kohl’s did not have what I was looking for. Since Target was right next door, it was the next logical stop.

As soon as we entered the doors, my girls wanted to know where the toys were so that they could go look at the Lego Friends items. I made them wait while we tried on bathing suits and looked at the few sandals that were on display before I allowed us to make the dreaded journey to the toy section. My husband even tried to distract my oldest by taking her to look at the Easter candy, but he had to walk by the Lego Friends aisle and they both got sucked into the black hole of Lego Land.

While looking at the large selection of Lego Friends, my girls found the item they had been longing for. The cost however was not one that I was going to just dish out. “Maybe you could ask for the house for your birthday,” I said.

“No mom, we are going to split the cost and each pay half,” said my oldest.

“Yeah, mom, we are going to share the house and each pay a little,” said my youngest.

“Okay!” I said. “Let’s go before you change your mind.” Even though we do not need more Legos in the house, I thought this was a perfect opportunity for the girls to learn about purchasing something big with their own money.

We went to the register after a little more looking around and placing many other things in the cart that were not necessities. As soon as we got to the register, the girls pulled out their money from their monkey and owl change purses and my oldest asked the cashier how much the toal was. My oldest split the cost in her head and each girl handed over their money to the cashier.

This was one of those proud mommy/daddy moments. They wanted something that we were not willing to purchase at the time and thought of a way to get it without having mom & dad dish out the money for it. They also worked out how to pay for it themselves and my oldest figured the math out in her head for what each girl would pay.

However, when the cashier handed back the change, which was $0.41, my oldest said, “How do I split that evenly?” Sometimes she is just too much!


14 thoughts on “Split the Cost

  1. I love that your girls paid for their toy themselves…such a great way for them to learn about money. And the Dominican Republic, eh? Do you need a nanny? I happen to be available during spring break!!!! 🙂

  2. What a nice family moment- you should be proud 🙂
    I love the detail “pulled the money from their monkey and owl change purses.” That really made the scene come alive in my mind!

  3. What a great slice! I love how they pooled their money together to get the toy they wanted. I have memories of doing that with my sisters. On a related note, I cannot go into Target without getting WAY more than I need. It’s like a vortex. I love that place.

  4. What a smart cookie 🙂 Now, I’ve been thinking in my mind about all the benefits of being an only child and here I stumble on this adorable sibling love post. A great slice!!!

  5. Love that they came up with a way to responsibly acquire something like that! They must get it from Mom! Target is dangerous. I almost never go there now. That’s my saving account. NO Target!

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