Memories of PaPa

As I sat in religous education class tonight, I was reminded of my PaPa. He passed away 7 years ago and I still think about him often. Some of the best memories I have about him are:

  • PaPa is my birthday buddy. His birthday is the day before mine and we celebrated 28 amazing birthdays together. 
  • Knowing that he saved me from being stung by a bee when I was a baby. He was allergic to bee stings and still tried to protect me. He ended up being stung and had to be taken to the hospital to be treated. (This is more of a story passed on, as I was very small when this happened.)
  • Going to visit PaPa and Gramma and not being able to wait for the breadsticks he had in the jar on the counter. I remember these breadsticks being the most delicious things in the world!
  • Heading to Michigan in the summer to spend time at the lake house. He often would get upset with the grandkids because we would watch the same movie over and over again until we knew every word by heart. He could often be heard saying, “I didn’t buy this house so you could watch TV! Get outside and go by the lake.”
  • Watching PaPa go out in the row boat at the lake house to go fishing. He often did this early in the morning and alone.
  • Waking up in the morning at the lake house to breakfast cereal, bowls and spoons waiting for us. PaPa always had breakfast ready for us.
  • PaPa kept journals at the lake house over the years. I can vividly remember reading the journals to see what had happened and who visited the lake house while we were back home in Illinois. Every time he was up at the lake house, he wrote in the journals. I wish I could get my hands on these again – I wonder who has them now?
  • PaPa loved to travel with Gramma. They would often drive to their destinations. He loved cruises and especially loved his trips for WWII reunions. He could go on for hours talking about his trips despite being a man of very few words.

I remember many more memories of my PaPa but these are the ones that I think about most often. I miss him everyday and today was just one of them days.


3 thoughts on “Memories of PaPa

  1. What great memories you have and will always have of your PaPA. Try to find the lake house journal. I am sure it has lots of memories in it. i always love reading the entries in mine.

  2. Aww, well this is sad and wonderful at the same time, Kelly. That’s how they live on is in our memories. This is amazing. You must share this list with your other family members and add to it.

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