Mom Fail

Last night I received an e-mail from my mom about a summer group outing set for June 18. The outing is a White Sox game with my mom & dad’s friends, kids and grandkids that also raises money for an organization known as Mulliganeers. My husband, my girls and myself have gone to this outing for the last few years and always have a good time. As I read the e-mail, I was excited to be making plans for summer and began to dream about warmer weather and baseball season getting started.

After reading the e-mail and looking over my calendar, I checked the date with my husband to see if he would be out of town for work. He said that the date should work, so I immediately replied all to the e-mail stating, “We will all be there. I will bring the sub sandwiches.” My sister and brother also replied to puchase tickets for them as well.

Then the e-mail from my mom came. It simply said, “Great! We will get the tickets and I will bring the birthday cupcakes!”

Birthday cupcakes? Hmmmm. I wonder whose birthday it could be. I quickly scrolled up and looked at the date again. June 18, who’s birthday is that? I could not think of who was born on that date. Then about an hour later it all made sense. 

It was Mollie’s (my youngest) birthday!

Oh. My. Goodness. I am the WORST mom on the planet. How could I forget my sweet little girl’s birthday? What a major mom fail! My sister even replied that “Mollie always gets the short end of the stick!” 

Good thing that grandma remembered and reminded mommy! Maybe her name will show up on the Jumbo Tron to make up for this major mistake!


7 thoughts on “Mom Fail

  1. Oh, I’d call this an “Almost Mommy Fail!” You made me laugh – I can just imagine this focus on the date without it all clicking int o place – expertly described!

  2. Peg D says:

    Everyone forgot Mollie Ringwald’s birthday in 16 candles and it worked out ok for her. 😉
    My mom always forgot my birthday after I moved out because her and Dad’s anniversary was the day after. It’s OK. 😉

  3. Oh man- these moments just get you don’t they. It was in there all the time, it just got taken over by some other random thought. Miss Mollie has got it made- she has a GREAT momma! Cupcakes are nice too though. 🙂

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