Tonight as I begin to write, I am extremely tired. Exhausted even.

I am exhausted from a long week at work. This week entailed testing students, working with staff members on many classroom behavior issues and working with students to try to catch up before the quarter was over.

I am exhausted from a long week at home. Cleaning, laundry, homework with the girls, and cooking dinner just to name a few things.

I am exhausted from reading my hot reads book. I have stayed up too late the last few nights just so I can get a few more chapters in on an amazing book that my students are holding me accountable for so that they can get their hands on the book next.

I am exhausted from writing slices and reading slices. Even though I enjoy the process of slicing and reading slices, I am tired. My eyes are tired from reading all of the amazing pieces of writing that I have come across these past few weeks.

Tonight, I exhausted and I am ready for bed!


5 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Your repetitive theme in not exhausting. I hope you are refreshed today and over the weekend. Finding the balance of giving to others and your family is a daily wrestle.

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