Cleaning Day

Today was a cleaning day. However, I did not spend time cleaning anything that was mine. Today was all about cleaning up after the girls.

They took out EVERY. SINGLE. Barbie, Monster High doll and Ever After High doll that they owned. They took over the loft with each and every doll that they have and played with them. Then they left them all over the loft for a week without touching them again. They would step over and on the Barbies as they would make their way to the futon so that they could watch TV. Today we put them all back in the boxes where they belong.

The never ending pile of kid laundry has been washed and dried. I am still working on putting all of the clothing away because some of the clothes are too small, while others are meant for winter weather. Some clothes need to be boxed up and stored while others need to be transferred to my neice. Within the next week, all clothing will be put in drawers and the closet.

Their beds have not been made in a few weeks. Today the I washed the girls’ blankets so that they could smell “extra fresh”, as Mollie likes to say. Stuffed animals and dolls were placed in their assigned spots on the bed, instead of being thrown on the floor. Now their beds look nice and tidy…I know that it will only last for the day, but at least it is done.

Today was a kid cleaning day. Now, it is time to move on to the rest of the house. Spring cleaning is no fun – hopefully the warmer weather will be my motivator to move quicker!


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