I am lost with what to write. My brain just does not want to share anything. This has not happened at all these past 30 days. Each and every day I have found something in my day to slice about. My girls, my dad, my family. All these memories have been captured and will be there vividly forever. But today, nothing.

Sure, things happened today. But nothing really SLICE worthy. Actually, there were a few things that could have been written into a slice, but I cannot air the dirty laundry of my office.

So for today, I will slice about nothing. Or about being lost with what to write. But I will slice again because this was a great way to capture moments with my girls and family. See you next March for the Slice of Life Challenge.


7 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Writing about nothing becomes so much more than one can imagine. Thanks for your support through this challenge…I loved reading about your girls, and your family!!

  2. Isn’t that something – that you did not have writers block for 30 whole days and now, on the 31st day, you did?!?! No matter – it’s been a blast and we did it!!!

  3. I think this little slice turned out perfect. It was just about you when it’s usually about all the ones you love. You are one to challenge yourself, even on a writer’s block day! And you left it just as you would. See you next March. 🙂 Good seeing you this whole March, Kelly.

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