The Good Old Days – Part 1

Back in January at a Reading Recovery conference, I had the opportunity to listen to Ralph Fletcher talk and discuss mentor texts. The piece below is written from the poem Ralph Fletcher wrote “The Good Old Days”. I copied the first two lines and last two lines.

Sometimes I remember
the good old days.

Playing kick the can
with the kids on the block,

Running around the neighbor’s yards
just to make sure we weren’t seen.

Hiding in forts
and old, rickety wood sheds.

Getting to know one another
as we waited for the coast to be clear.

Searching through the dark for friends
and watching the fireflies dance in the sky.

I still can’t imagin
anything better than that.

As this wonderful writing contest continues on, I will be creating many more poems about the Good Old Days.


8 thoughts on “The Good Old Days – Part 1

  1. Katie Diez says:

    Yes!!! Amazing! Love this idea and love that I am remembering my good old days too! I might be stealing this idea this month😄

  2. I love Ralph Fletcher, and I love that he inspired your own poem. Ah, the magic of the “good old days”! I played kick the can, too, on warm summer nights. You created just the right mood:
    “Searching through the dark for friends
    and watching the fireflies dance in the sky.”
    Don’t you wonder if kids today will have these kinds of memories, with all the video games, technology, and organized activities?!

  3. Hi,
    I stopped by to get some inspiration…and that it was! This poem is a simple way to capture some of the many memories from childhood that swirl around in our heads. I bet Ralph would love to read your poem!

  4. Ah! Welcome back! I am totally going to steal this format. Thanks for the inspiration and the peek into the past. The good old days- funny to think of our kids talking about their good old days happening right now. Great slice!

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