Sisterly Love

There is nothing like the love of a sister. Especially when you are sick.

At 3:00 a.m. I wake to the sound of small footsteps coming in my direction. The pitter-pat of little people feet  can  only mean one of two things – someone had a nightmare and needs to be reassured, or that someone is not feeling well. In my foggy, tired stupor, I am hoping for the former, but deep inside, I know that one of my angels is not feeling her best.

As I wipe my sleepy eyes, Ashleigh tells me that Mollie has thrown up in her bed. When I get to their bedroom, I see that Ashleigh has helped Mollie to the bathroom and has already gone downstairs to the kitchen to get Mollie a glass of water to clean out the yucky taste in her mouth.  Ashleigh was able to tell me that Mollie was coughing, “actually, she was hacking”, and then threw up. She was willing to help me clean up the sheets and blankets that needed to be washed. As I returned to the bathroom, Ashleigh was standing right next to Mollie, rubbing her back and checking to make sure that Mollie did not have any throw up on her pajamas. She walked Mollie back to her bed and wanted to tuck her in with a clean blanket. Ashleigh then climbs up the stairs to her bed and whispers, “I love you, Mollie! I hope you can sleep now.”

There is nothing like the love of a sister. Especially when you are sick and have an amazing big sister like Ashleigh.


15 thoughts on “Sisterly Love

  1. Katie Diez says:

    That bond is so strong….I just love that they will always look out for each other…I can see Ashleigh helping out in the middle of the night…what wonderful girls you are raising:)

  2. This is not at all surprising to hear Kelly. This is a testament to Ashleigh’s nature, but also to how you and Greg have raised the two of them. It is great to read stories like this that further reinforce the positive parenting model. You two have shown them this compassion and caring and continue to foster this in them daily.

  3. Oh no, Miss Mollie is not feeling well. Maddie will sound the alarm for sure. 😉 So glad she has Ashleigh there to help her feel better and make all our hearts swell. Proud momma moment right there.

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. I just love the bond and relationship that your two little angels share…such sweetness and so much love and concern for one another! On a side note…let’s plan a slicing date with one of my classes…I just love your writing!!!!

    • They will Ashley, after they are done fighting like sisters, they will turn around and surprise you with their amazing sweetness! There is absolutely nothing like the love of a sister!

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