Full of Love

My youngest daughter has always had the ability to push buttons. She always knows the right things to say, or do, in the moment to get a rise out of her father & I. When she was just a few weeks old, she would cry whenever my husband would hold her and when he would put her down, she would produce this ear piercing, blood curdling screech. It never failed. My husband would affectionately say to friends and family that Mollie was the tough one. Actually, he would say he wanted to return her or sell her to the first bidder, he would have given her away for free if I hadn’t kept her in my sights.

As Mollie got older, her temper tantrums did not stop. However, she figured out how to get Daddy on her side. She changed her language with him and began calling him “My buddy!” My husband could not get enough of the sweet, but manipulative, little girl he could only tolerate when she was acting this way. He would coach her to say it whenever I was around and could not get her to do something simple. “I just want my buddy!”, she would whine. So, as the next few years went by, Mollie and Daddy were “Buddies”. Mommy was only an afterthought.

Lately, however, Mollie has kept her buddy at arms length and only wants the attention of mom. She wants to cuddle in my blankets because they “smell like love” and be wrapped in my arms because “Mommy is full of love”. I am cherishing these moments because as Mollie gets older I know that these moments will become less frequent. For now, though, I am “full of love” from the 6 year old button pusher.


8 thoughts on “Full of Love

  1. I think that children do have their seasons of favoring different things, whether it be a comfort toy, a game, a friend at school, or a parent. Hopefully she will find balance so that she can have the best of both loves.

  2. These moments are priceless! Those words are so genuine that it would just melt anybody’s heart. Time will come that she will have her own schedule to deal with and friends to hang around. Treasure and savour this time where you are the centre of her universe.

  3. I can feel the warmth from your heart in this piece! Mom always wins in the end!😜 I like how you brought us through Momlie’s life and her manipulations. I didn’t expect the story to take a turn as it did.

  4. Oh, I love your post. Children do really put things in the best words. My son used to say “I want some warm” when he needed a snuggle from me. Love these moments:)

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