Travel Agent

My 4th grade daughter is working on a project for school. Each group of students is assigned a National Park and they must research the Park and plan a trip for the group members. At the end of the project, each group must present their National Park and discus their travel plans with the class.

Yesterday, she came home talking about the cost of flights, car rentals and hotel stays. She talked about budgets and how her group had a low budget ($4,000) to go to Death Valley, while other groups in her class had large budgets ($50,000 – well, I wish!). She questioned different airlines and wanted to know which airline we choose the most often when we travel and why (Southwest of course – no baggage fees – 3 girls traveling means lots of luggage).

She talked about flying out of Orland. “Do you mean Orlando?” my husband asked. “No, I mean Orland. The code is ORD. You know, Orland Park?” After the laughter from my husband and I subsided, we told her that the code ORD stood for O’Hare and that each airport has its own code. I specifically told her that Orlando’s code is MCO and she should remember seeing that on our luggage when we go to our favorite destination, Disney World.

Lastly, we talked about her planning our next vacation – maybe to Death Valley. Thanks to her teacher, she now has a life skill that will last her a lifetime!


7 thoughts on “Travel Agent

  1. This sounds like such a fun project! What a great way to incorporate research skills, math, reading, and writing! I may have to hire her to help me plan my next getaway! 🙂

  2. Katie Diez says:

    I love all your stories about the kids, but I especially love this one. I mean, it makes more sense for ORD to stand for Orland than O’Hare!!!!! What a quick thinking kiddo!

  3. Lisa says:

    This sounds like a great project! And I agree: It’s a life skill that they will take along with them. Thinking about how I can do this with my class…hmmm

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