Without fail, every year on my birthday, my friend Mike calls me to wish me a Happy Birthday. This year was the same but this time he asked if my husband, Greg and I wanted to go out to dinner. I said yes immediately because I love spending time with Mike & his wife, Karisa! Greg said absolutely and plans were made to have dinner and spend the rest of the night together at a local bar for some live music.

We met at an Italian Restaurant for dinner. This place had some delicious food, but it was the conversation that made the evening fun. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so we talked about our families, my kids, our jobs and everything in between. Before I knew it, dinner was over and we were definitely ready for some live music.

As we left the restaurant and pulled into the parking lot, I noticed that my aunt’s car. I was excited to see her car as I had not seen her in a while and thought that as soon as I got into the bar I would look for her. There was a cover charge at the door and as I paid for everyone I got the evil eye from Mike and Karisa. I told them not to worry about it and they just shrugged their shoulders. Greg on the other hand was moving quickly and claiming that we could watch the Blackhawks in another room. Why would we go in the other room when there wer tables available out in the main area by the band. I looked in the room and noticed food set up, balloons, and presents.

“Greg, I don’t think you can go in there. Greg, I think there is a party. GREG, GREG – WAIT!”

Running to catch up with him, huffing and puffing the entire way, I see Greg head into the room and turn the corner. I really don’t think that we can go in the room, but he keeps saying, “Come on. It’s fine.” Mike and Karisa just follow behind me not saying a word. Ok, I guess I will go in anyways. Maybe he knows something I don’t!

As I begin heading into the room, I see my aunt with her camera & my sister.


In the room were grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws and lots of friends. All these people were present to celebrate my birthday (36 by the way – not really a celebration birthday, but that was the point, I guess?)! As I continued to look around the room I noticed more and more people who were there to celebrate me. It was one of the best days of my life! Thank you Greg for the wonderful surprise and to Mike and Karisa for helping in such an important way. Each one of the people in that room have touched my life in a special way and I was so thankful for them taking the time out on a Saturday night to spend it with me. What a wonderful SURPRISE!!!


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