Art Night

From the time Ashleigh started first grade, the days leading up to Art Night have been filled with anticipation, excitement, pride and nervousness. The last few days have been no different as Mollie eagerly awaits her Art Night at school.

Art Night is an evening at school where every inch of the school is transformed into an art gallery. Every year a theme is chosen (this year is games) and the decorating of the hallways begins around the middle of February. For 2 weeks moms and dads decorate the walls with long strips of colorful bulletin board paper, drawings, paintings, life sized board games, pictures of staff members and students, and of course STUDENT ART WORK! The entire building is alive with art work for a month allowing students and staff to celebrate all the wonderful masterpieces that students have created this school year.

This year Mollie is in Mrs. Odom’s class and her theme was Odomopoly. The wall was decorated with a monopoly theme and Mollie’s projects were displayed on “Mollie Manor”. 

Walking through the halls tonight and seeing Mollie beam with pride as she described to me her masterpieces, shows me the importance that art has in our schools. Students are able to show their creativity in so many ways. 

Cheers to the amazing parents and staff at Butler School for another amazing ART NIGHT!


8 thoughts on “Art Night

  1. Art is my jam. Love this and how cool is the Odomopoly idea and each student having their own space? I’ll answer that. Super cool. šŸ™‚ This makes me smile.

  2. Katie Diez says:

    What a great way to display the work of students! Her smile tells me that this is something she loves- and to think, it is finally her turn! #youngersisterproblemsšŸ˜

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