Rolling and Falling

Today was my niece Bella’s 8th birthday party and this year she had her party at the roller rink. I was a little nervous for my girls because they are not so steady on their feet. 

When we got there, the girls were a little apprehensive about getting their skates on and going out onto the floor. However, as soon as I got my skates on too, they were ready to roll. Ashleigh had been working in school for two months on roller skating, so she was able to remain steady and make it around the floor without needing much assistance. Mollie needed a little more hand and wall holding.

Before we were ready to sing and eat cake, I decided to take one more lap around. As I approached the first turn, a boy came out of nowhere and cut me off. I remained steady and then he cut off my niece Maryssa. From there, it was a typical chain reaction.

Boy cuts off Maryssa, going entirely too fast for his body. Boy falls to the floor. Maryssa tries to avoid boy and trips on his leg. Maryssa goes down. I try to help Maryssa by reaching out at the expense of my own balance. I begin to falter (at this point I know I am doomed). My feet and body do not react as one. I am in the air – feet out in front and my bottom heading to the floor. Boom! 

Next thing I know, I am sitting on the hard wood floor  with a heavy pain in and on my bottom. With a bruised tailbone, and an even bigger bruised ego, I make my way around the rest of the floor to the exit, listen to the laughter of family members who watched me fall, take off my skates and end this very brief encounter with a childhood past time. 

Next time I will leave the rolling,and falling, to the kids!


5 thoughts on “Rolling and Falling

  1. As I was reading your slice it brought me back to when I fell and broke my wrist and three fingers at the local roller rink. I remembered what it smelled like, the sounds, the lighting, the slow motion of the chain reaction that caused me to crash to the rink. Now I am just an observer.

  2. Omg! I have been in this exact situation. My daughter’s school did a mommy and me skate date night. I almost made it and near the end, I too bit it! I paid for it for weeks. My body hurts now just thinking about it. Prayers for a quick recovery 🙂

  3. Kelly, your description of that incident is so clear that I felt like I was there. I too have learned to leave certain activities to the kids, namely, the bouncy house obstacle course. I zipped through one at what I thought was lightning speed and caught my foot on the exit as I attempted to leap out. I ended up with a pretty banged up wrist. Anyway…lesson learned! Old people, sit on the side.

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