When Daddy’s Away

When Daddy’s away…

…mornings run a little smoother because he is not there to tell his corny jokes and irritate. 

…bathrooms are a little cleaner and less occupied. 

…dishes get done before bed and don’t pile up. 

…ice cream can be eaten for breakfast and popcorn for lunch. 

…dinner is made quickly or not at all and instead we eat out. 

…movies are a must and movie theaters are even better. 

…sweet treats like ice cream and cake are eaten from many establishments. 

…bowling and mini-golf are games are played. 

…phone calls are made and I love you’s and I miss you’s are said. 

When daddy’s away…his girls will play! But we wish daddy could play too!


7 thoughts on “When Daddy’s Away

  1. What a fun slice. Made me smile to think about girl time. But…you did me in when I got to the last line. So sweet. Even though dad can make things more difficult, you would still rather he be there. Your post was easy to read with it’s format. Good job!

  2. Until the end I was thinking maybe daddy should stay away so the girls can play, but then the last line changed tone, emphasizing how much the girls miss daddy when he’s away.

  3. Katie Diez says:

    Love the repetition in this piece! I hope you abs the girls are enjoying your “girl time”…I know everyone will be happy when Daddy is back!

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