I Don’t Get It

I will never understand how you can play a game that does not make sense (to me). 

You can stare at a screen and tap, tap, tap away at zombies (or wizards or soldiers) for hours at a time. 

You create towns and structures for imaginary people to live in and collect coins and stars to buy more items. 

You play music videos and videos about creating the Lego kit you just received. 

You watch each other play games and comment about how you can do it better. 

You can do all this but you cannot bring your plate to the sink! I just don’t get it!


8 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It

  1. This totally made me giggle! I did not see it going that way at all. Not too mention, you inspired me to possibly slice about something similar…about my husband. Thanks for sharing, and maybe one day they will shock you and walk the dishes to the sink. (Crossing my fingers it happens soon!)

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