Spring Is Here

Today is the first day of spring. As the weather starts to change, we get warmer days, rain instead of snow, and more hours of daylight. I look forward to this time of year because it shows me that new life is ready to begin again.

Talking with my girls this morning, we discussed many of the signs that spring is upon us. The grass is getting greener and their is no more snow on the ground. The trees are starting to have buds where the leaves will be and there are a few flowers getting ready to start popping out of the ground. Mornings are a little harder to get up because it is so dark outside at 6:30, but it does stay lighter out longer in the evening, which means extra playtime outside after a long day of school and work.

Oh, and there is one more sign of spring that Mollie told me about this morning. The bunnies were out front and they were “fighting”. As I silently held my breath and Ashleigh let out a huge belly laugh, we agreed that the bunnies out front “fighting” was definitely a sign that spring is on the way.

I just hope that the extra “fights” these bunnies were having when I was pulling out of the driveway and waiting for the bus to pull past, does not result in baby bunnies under my porch again this year.

Spring is in the air and apparently so is bunny love!


3 thoughts on “Spring Is Here

  1. Oh my! I was all ready to comment about how much I will miss winter when I thought you’d be waxing poetic about spring! This was a hilarious surprise to find at the end of your slice!

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