Let’s give this a try

I never saw myself as a writer. My brain always seemed better suited for math and logic. However, for the next 29 days (yes, I am a few days short…but better late than never, I guess) I will give this Slice of Life Challenge a try.

Thank you to those of you who were very encouraging to me today as I talked through whether or not to do this. Your words of encouragement and stories made me want to read what you wrote and maybe contribute just a little “slice” of my life.


7 thoughts on “Let’s give this a try

  1. 29 days is still a lot of writing. And writing can be very logical as you are choosing particular words or phrases. Thank you for joining us. I can’t wait to read “slices” of you life!!!

  2. Kelly! Yea!!! I’m so happy you’re here. You are a math brain but you’re also the queen of common sense and have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. I feel qualified to say that as your former roommate of many years. I’m excited to follow your slices!

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