When one is obsessed with something, all they want to do is talk about it. Just the very thought of my obsession(s) brings the largest smile to my face and I babble on and on endlessly. I am obsessed with many things and each one holds a very special place in my heart.

From earrings, to bracelets, to statues, to leggings – anything with an elephant must be mine. These are the only pachyderms that I like. Actually, I don’t like them, I LOVE them.

Did someone say Princess Diana? I cannot stay away from newspaper articles, books or TV shows that pertain to the Royal Family. I find each one of them so fascinating.

The amazing smells diffused fill my home. When applied to my body, ailments are helped to heal quicker. Learning what each essential oil is capable of supporting brings an abundance of knowledge about how I can rid my home of toxic chemicals.

Looking nice at work and being comfortable can often be a challenge. This year with my new obsession, I have managed to remain comfortable and still look stylish (sort of). Thank you LuLaRoe. 

I love reading, however I often cannot find the time. Lately I have been making a more conscious effort to read books that my students, K-8, would enjoy. I also have been making sure to allow my daughters to catch me reading in order to encourage them to read more. Believe me – it works.

This word MUST be in all caps. DISNEY is my obsession. I could not live without something Disney in my life on a daily basis. Whether it is planning my next trip or giving advice to a friend, I love to talk about Disney World and Disneyland. I love Mickey Mouse and all of the enchanting characters that have come after. I enjoy Disney movies – believe me, they are not just for kids. I love Disney stuffed animals, picture frames, coloring books, tattoos, paintings, calendars, magnets, popcorn & jelly bean machines, Facebook pages, etc., etc., etc. Anything with a Disney logo would be loved by me. Learning about the life of Walt Disney has also become an obsession. I love to hear about his ideas and creativity. Disney has become my life. 

I think I may need a little help when it comes to my obsessions. I know I could kick a few habits, but I will NEVER let go of my LOVE for Disney!



5 thoughts on “Obsessed

  1. This is a fun idea for a post! My husband and I are going to Disney (without kids) for spring break!! I can’t wait. We’ve only gone a couple times, but we love it! Hmmmm….what is an obsession I have right now? I think low ankle boots. I bought a ridiculous number of pairs this fall/winter!

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