Waiting Game

Going to the doctor is always full of waiting. 

Waiting for the nice lady at the counter to copy your driver’s liscence and insurance card for the hundredth time even though nothing has changed in the past 2 years. 

Waiting for the other nice lady to write you a receipt for the cash copay you have every time you go to the doctor, even though you have overpaid in the past and the doctor owes you $50. 

Waiting for your child to come out of the washroom so that you don’t miss your name being called. 

Waiting for the nurse, or doctor, to call your child’s name so that they can be seen in the next available room. 

Waiting in a dark room, with eyes closed so that the eye drops work properly and then we can finish the exam

Waiting for another diagnosis, or problem, or maybe this time good news that the eyes are working with the glasses to keep eyes straight. 

Waiting…always waiting. 


6 thoughts on “Waiting Game

  1. Waiting is stressful! When you break it down like you did, you realize how much waiting we really do. Great job being patient 🙂 Hoping for the best for you and your kiddo

  2. Waiting at the doctor’s office is rarely fun. Occasionally the chair is comfortable and the book is good…nice! I hope your visit went well as the results came in

  3. Lisa C says:

    You’re right about that! I used to go to a doctor who always kept me waiting in the office for at least 30 minutes. One day I got stuck behind an accident on the road and arrived 5 minutes late. No big deal, right? Except they refused to see me because I’d been late. Needless to say, I switched doctors after that!

  4. So much truth to your post. Always waiting. The worst was waiting in the waiting room for over 45 minutes after my appt time for a biopsy after two abnormal mammograms!! In a Johnny!!!! Ugh. So hard to stay patient. Hope you got good news with the eye appt today!

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