Mommy, what is your favorite color? This is a game Ashleigh used to play when she was little. Whenever we would talk about colors, she would ask me about my favorite. Our favorite was the same – BLUE. I think she just wanted me to tell her why!

Blue is my favorite because…

…it is the color of your PaPa’s eyes.

…it is the color of your eyes.

…it is the color of Cinderella’s beautiful dress.

…it is the color of the crystal blue water in Cancun where I swam with dolphins.

…it is the color of the ocean in Hawaii – I will take  you there someday to see it.

…it is the color that stands out the most on the American flag.

…it is the color of my favorite fireworks on the 4th of July.

…it is the color of Donald Duck’s shirt and hat.

…it is the color of the sky on a sunny day.

…it is the color of DePaul University and their mascot Dibs.

…it is the color of one of my favorite childhood cartoons, the Smurfs.

…it is the color of the butterfly necklace you bought me for Christmas.

…it is the color that you use on every coloring page.

…it is the color that most reminds me of you!

…even though I loved the color blue before you were born, I love it more now because you love it so much!


10 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Awwwww, mommMMmm.

    Here is another blue fact. When we were in Assisi in November, we saw the paintings in one of the churches where the poor used to scrape the blue paint from the walls. It was made from the very valuable and always prized lapis lazuli stone. You could literally see finger nail marks, the scraping of tools…

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