Just Write Anything Down

Just write anything down.

As I was catching up on my DVR this morning, I heard this line. I watched as the main character had writer’s block on a speech she was supposed to give. She was struggling with how to make her speech more personal. While watching, I was reminded of how I usually feel as I begin writing my slice for the day. What memory will I share today? Did anything good happen today? Is anyone going to find this interesting? How personal can I get?

As I begin the last 10 days of this challenge, I find myself not sure of what else to write. Maybe if I just write anything down, the rest will just come to me! After all, it worked for the main character on the “Good Wife” (until 300 people walked out of her speech to go hear another), maybe it will work for me (hopefully not that many people walk out on me).


6 thoughts on “Just Write Anything Down

  1. Carolyn Carr says:

    I’m right there with you. I haven’t written anything profound and sometimes I can’t think of anything to write. Luckily, once I have a topic and start writing (thinking it’s going to be a really short post) the words just seem to flow from my fingers. I don’t really think I write anything that anyone else really is interested in reading, but after 22 days of this challenge, I have realized that it’s more about what I feel like about things and not about anyone else. Just keep writing!

  2. Um yes just write anything down… Also you could have just written Who watches the Good Wife and I would have been in. LOVE that show. I’m a week behind but I love that show and how smart it is and thought provoking. What to write about tomorrow? No clue 🙂

  3. I know what you were watching!!! Was it Good Wife?! What a great show! And I think that’s the best advice—-just write down anything and your fingers will do the rest!

  4. I JUST watched that episode of Good Wife YESTERDAY. I am having the same writer’s block as you. I started writing my piece today, and hit a button (don’t know which one) and I lost it. I was going to cry. I couldn’t remember what I was writing and had to do a new piece. I was devastated 😦

  5. That’s how it’s done. Just start writing. Luckily you only have your closest colleagues waiting and watching to see what you’ll write next. We are accepting of whatever you want to put down on “paper.” Go for it!!

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