The Start & Finish Line

She is turning Sweet 16.

She is 86 years young.


She will get her license after she passes the test.

She will keep her license if she can read the test.


She is looking forward to the new adventure.

She is happy for her great-granddaughter but disappointed for herself.


She is anxious to have the card in her wallet that allows her to drive out of town.

She dreads the day she will rely upon others to get her everywhere she needs to go. 


She focuses on the stop signs, street lights and road signs.

She struggles with the thought of losing her eye sight and not seeing the signs that guide her to the store.


She asks her mom to sit in the driver’s seat on the way to the party.

She asks her children if she can sit in the passenger’s seat in order to get out of the house.


She is anxiously awaiting her driver’s license.

She is nervous her license will be taken away.


Today is my niece’s 16th birthday and she will be getting her license soon. She is excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to drive by herself. However, my grandmother is heartbroken because her time driving is soon coming to an end. She is having more difficulty seeing due to macular degeneration and the one thing that scares her the most is not being able to drive. Two people at different times in their lives but wanting to the same thing – to be able to drive!


17 thoughts on “The Start & Finish Line

  1. It’s all about perspective isn’t it? Thank you for the reminder as I walk into my class of 7 and 8 year olds. Their perspective is quite different from mine, but to be respected as well.

  2. Oh, this is bittersweet. I love this Slice, Kelly. I love the contradiction between the young and the old. So well done.

    Do you mind if I use this Slice as one of my “Be Inspired” posts later this month when I’m hosting the challenge? Shoot me an email and let me know if it is okay with you to use it!

  3. Katie Diez says:

    The push and pull…the back and forth…the young and old….so beautiful! The structure of this piece is fantastic…I just love everything about it!

  4. This story breaks my heart. My mom, who is 81, had brain surgery last year and had to give up driving. She misses it so, so, so much. It makes her so sad to not be able to take herself where she wants to go.

  5. This is an amazing slice. I can so relate my mom and daughter went through this 3 years ago. One gaining the right, one having to give up the right. I love how you went back and forth, it was a great piece.

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