Please pack me up

Tonight the girls are a little more crabby than usual. 

Their dad is packing to go on a business trip for the next 5 days and this saddens the girls more than he would like to admit. Every time a trip is coming, he waits until the night before to let the girls know he is leaving and then the tears flow.

However, this evening, there were no long wails or runny, snotty noses. Only sad eyes with questions about what souvenir daddy would be bringing them back if they behave for mommy, where daddy is going and when he will return.

Tonight, Mollie also wanted to go with daddy on his trip. She hopped right into the empty suitcase, laid down and closed the flap, “Please pack me up, I promise to be good.”

Who can resist such a sweet little girl? 


7 thoughts on “Please pack me up

  1. Marsha Amraen says:

    Wow!!!your words are so powerful!!! I had tears in my eyes reading this!!!! Dad will leave and come back and mom will have it under control

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