Little Green Leprechaun

Three years ago the tradition started. 

The tradition that began because my oldest daughter (kindergartener at the time) freaked out on St. Patrick’s Day morning because the Leprechaun did not come to our house and wreak havoc. I could not believe my ears because she never spoke about a leprechaun coming to OUR house – this was something that happened at school, right? My husband and I fibbed and told her that the leprechaun might have missed our house because she did not go to bed nicely the night before and maybe if she took a nap he would come later. And nap she did! My husband snuck out during nap time and purchased a few gold candy items and I turned the toilet green with some food coloring. When she woke up you would have thought it was Christmas morning and Santa came! Her eyes glowed and her smile was so big! She was so excited that the leprechaun came to our house and left behind a few things!

Over the last 3 years, my husband and I have continued with the charade and every year both of the girls are happier than the year before. The green toilet water gains a few, “He is so disgusting!” And the gold candy pieces receive, “He left some of his gold, mom!” I am so thankful for their continued innocence because I will cry the day that I am no longer a little green leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Little Green Leprechaun

  1. I recognize that little tradition – started at Sandbox. 🙂 how fun that you continued it. I could feel just how much you love surprising the girls! So fun! Cute slice!

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