X’s and O’s

When we were out to dinner tonight, the girls were playing a few games of Tic-Tac-Toe. This has become a source of entertainment for them in any restaurant when they are not attached to their iPods & iPads. They enjoy playing each other and I love watching their little minds work as they try to beat each other.

While they were playing tonight, I was reminded of every single card I received from my grandma & grandpa since I was born. Every signature had the same thing, “Love, Grandma & Grandpa” along with 2 x’s and 2 o’s (in any random order). These little signs of love mean the world to me! I even remember having to explain to my girls that the x’s and o’s meant Hugs & Kisses. Now every time the girls receive a card from my grandparents, it is signed with the same 2 x’s and 2 o’s and when the girls read the card they say, “Love GiGi and Grandpa. Hugs & kisses!”

Sometimes even the littlest signs of love are all you need! XO XO


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