Interventionist Wanted

My daughter needs an intervention. She is highly addicted to Lego Videos on YouTube. She watches these videos where people put together different Lego sets. The person in the video shows you how to put all the parts together, just like in the booklet that comes with a set. The video also explains all of the rooms and areas of the particular Lego set.

My daughter is addicted to the point where she only uses the iPad for watching these videos. No more educational games or music or messaging grandma (unless it is to tell her of the new Lego set she wants for her birthday).  She watches these videos from the moment she wakes up until the very last second before she must power down her iPad for the night. If we allowed her, she would even watch the videos while eating dinner, doing homework and going to the bathroom. Even when we out and about for the day, all she talks about is going to the store to have me purchase a Lego set that she saw on a video earlier and about a new video she wants to watch when she gets home.

So, if anyone knows of an interventionist that specializes in addictions to Lego Videos, please send them my way. I will be waiting by the phone.



6 thoughts on “Interventionist Wanted

  1. Best use of a picture on a slice. Ever.
    These youtubers have oodles of hits and some have oodles of money because of it. It is what Maddie aspires to be when she grows up. lol

  2. Katie Diez says:

    I am laughing so hard! That was such a creative Slice! And the picture?!?! I wish that was your phone at school! Loved this from start the finish😃

  3. I can relate, my oldest was addicted to play doh videos for the longest. My husband began assigning iPad time for those videos and after that time it was not allowed any more. She put up a fuss, but now she’s fine. : )

  4. This is great Kelly! I’d like to say it will get better when she gets older, but unfortunately it doesn’t…Taylor’s newest passion is nail polish designs, techniques, art, you name it, she’s watched (and probably tried it!)

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